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Breakout!  Individual Coaching

If you would like to explore powerful individual career, executive, or leader coaching - click here or schedule a Breakout! Clarity conversation.  Our premium CORE coaching programs include a comprehensive package of individual coaching sessions, assessments, in-between session check-ins, bonus group sessions, videos, and other materials. 

Breakout!  Team Coaching

If you are an investor whose start-up team is struggling, losing money or talent...or if you are a CEO whose transition teams are stuck or infighting... click here or schedule a Breakout! Clarity conversation.  Our interventions can repair the problems and stop the hemorrhaging rapidly - plus set a new course to ensure future success.

Group Coaching for Breakout! Courses

If you are interested in learning more about upcoming professional group coaching sessions, such as the Breakout! Career Compass Program and the Tapping into Wealth Program, click here to explore these high value/low cost options to get your career and/or bottom-line unstuck. 

Keynote Speaking 

Sharon Seivert is a professional speaker who provides highly interactive, informative and fun sessions for business leaders and other professionals. Here is a presentation she presented to banking leaders on organizational change: Sharon Presenting to FABRBAN in Brazil (English)...and in Portuguese. Presentations typically include self-assessments so participants can immediately understand and apply what they learn. Topics include applications of the below books for making lasting improvements in work, leadership, teams and organizations. For more information,click here.

Q&A after FEBRBAN presentation (in Portuguese)


Professional and Personal Assessments

If you would like to have a complete assessment of your strengths and weaknesses in any of the below categories, we offer an assessment that produces a tailored, comprehensive report (with accompanying videos). The report also outlines specific steps you can take to improve your strength in each one of six qualities for success.  To order or to learn more about these assessments and how they might help you, click here.

  • Career Strengths Scale
  • Leader Strengths Scale
  • Entrepreneurial Strengths Scale
  • Personal Strengths Scale
  • Personal Balance Profile (individual; 360)
  • Relationship Balance Profile (partners; family)


Powerful Business Development Tools:

Start anywhere - Leaders, Teams or whole Organization - to Create Ripple Effects  

You can start anywhere in your system to deliberately create ripple effects - and integrate all efforts for the greatest impact. We provide powerful tools for change: easy-to-understand assessments, plus coaching and seminars for the development of leaders, teams and organizations. The assessments form a foundation for efficient, sustainable change efforts, targeting interventions to where they are most necessary - and measuring success over time.

For Leaders

Core Leadership Program 

Individual Leadership Coaching 

Leadership Balance Preference Scale (identify strengths and weaknesses)

Leadership Balance Profile (Self or 360)

For Teams

Team Balance Profile (strengths/weaknesses for self, others & whole team)

Conflict management & team development

Strategic Planning & implementation

For Organizations

Organizational Balance Profile

Organizational Change process implementation

M&A preparation and/or repair

See Organizational Balance presentation for banking leaders (English).

See presentation (in Portuguese)

For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial Strengths Scale

Individual Entrepreneur (or team) coaching

Strategic planning & implementation for successful launch

The Proactive Entrepreneur workshop (in cooperation with the Washington DC Archangels)

The Proactive Entrepreneur Interactive Guidebook (assessment & self-study for entrepreneurs & their teams)


Training & Certification for Teachers, Coaches, Trainers, Therapists

We provide professional development and certification for Teachers in the Balancing Act processes and programs for youth. Additionally we train and certify coaches, trainers, consultants and therapists to incorporate The Balancing Act assessments and processes in their practices. 

If you would like to learn more about training and certification, click here or schedule a Breakout! Clarity conversation


Published Books & Apps

The Balancing Act, Switch Off Stress, Working from Your Core

The Balancing Act

 The Balancing Act is the foundational book of the CORE Coaching & Consulting processes. It explains how you can use the Elements of Success & Synergy as a "Compass" to create a better life, work and relationships.  The Balancing Act is available in print and also as an i-book or e-book. Click here to order or to learn more:

SOS: Switch Off Stress

SOS: Switch Off Stress is a practical, immediately usable book that provides 101 Really Fast Ways to stop stress (in 6 seconds to 6 minutes). Switch Off Stress is a great book for our troubled times. It follows the The Balancing Act's powerful "Compass" process to show you exactly what kind of stress is harming you so you can target and remove it ASAP.  Switch Off Stress is used by clients of Core Coaching & Consulting to optimize their progress. it is available in print or as an e-book or ibook. Learn more &/or order here: 

SOS: Switch off Stress (NEW APP!)

The NEW APP - SOS: Switch Off Stress -- is available in both FREE and FULL versions. It offers ONE-MINUTE versions of the Switch Off Stress techniques - wadding vocal instructions and original soothing music to stop stress dead in its tracks.  Learn more &/or order here - with links to both free and full versions (for either IOS or Android smartphone versions) in the Apple Store or on Google Play: 

Working from Your Core

Discover 10 Core (Heroic) Types that are readily available to you for rapid personal and professional development. These Core types also will allow you to better understand yourself, your colleagues, and your organization.  This approach also helps leaders understand their employees, improve communications and teamwork, and steer their companies past the most likely areas of sabotage. To learn more &/or order, go here. Or, to learn more or order WFYC profiles for teams or organizations,click here.