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     Sharon Seivert

As CEO of CORE Coaching & Consulting, Sharon certifies Coaches, Consultants & Teachers to use CORE methodologies and assessments in their practices. She coaches Executives in transition, advises Businesses Leaders who want systemic solutions for resistant problems, and leads CORE youth education programs. 

 As Certifier of Coaches, Consultants, Teachers and Therapists, Sharon trains experts in their own fields how to integrate CORE methodologies, programs, and online assessments into their own practices.  Learn more about CORE Certifications here.

As an Executive Coach, Sharon has have guided 1000+ executives through career transitions. She helps executives Breakout! in two primary ways: a) STAYING (make things better where they are by improving performance, negotiating politics, or moving up in the organization), OR b) LEAVING (moving on to new jobs and workplaces that suit them better OR by creating their own companies, where they'll always be sure to have the best possible boss). Learn more here.

As Consultant to Investors, Leaders, Teams and Companies, Sharon contributes her own successful CEO and start-up experiences to real-life, real-time pragmatic interventions so both effort and investments of time, genius and money are leveraged for the best possible outcomes for everyone.  See more here.

As Inventor of The Balancing Act methodology, Sharon use this multi-dimensional approach to ensure optimal outcomes for personal and business clients. TBA produces great results, in part, due to its diverse intellectual roots: American Pragmatism; Quality improvement (PDCA); a global archetype of well-being; Positive Psychology; Systems Thinking; and brain research on what encourages humans to make lasting change. To learn more, click here.

As a published Author:  Sharon has authored or co-authored the following:

  • Books: SOS: Switch Off Stress, The Balancing Act, Working from Your Core, Knowledge Leadership, Magic at Work (& others)
  • App: (SOS: Switch Off Stress)
  • Numerous personal, career, leadership, team, company profiles, reports, guidebooks.
  • For more information, or to order, see Books & Apps.

As leader of educational initiatives, Sharon translates her experience with executives into transformative initiatives for youth. Sharon and her colleagues have also trained and certified dozens of K-12 teachers in use of CORE methodologies to improve students' life and work skills, plus significantly improved their study skills and test results.  For more information, go here.

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Made a bold career decision...

During a crossroads in my career,Sharon coached me to overcome obstacles and doubts, and then supported me in making a bold decision that I've never regretted. What's more, Sharon has achieved similar amazing results with patients I've since referred to her.

- T. Moriyama, M.D., Psychiatrist; Instituto Bairral Hospital 

Doubled Income....

Thanks to Sharon's strong coaching approach, I not only doubled my income, but  am much happier (and appreciated!) in my new job. She challenged and supported me to raise the bar; then she helped me exceed those new expectations.

- D. Ginnett, STEM Teacher & Science Curriculum Specialist

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