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Sharon Seivert, President of CORE Coaching & Consulting

As President of CORE Coaching & Consulting, Sharon serves as Coach to Executives in transition, Consultant to Businesses who want systemic solutions to their resistant problems, and Leader of CORE educational initiatives for teachers and youth. 

As an Executive Coach, Sharon has guided 1000+ executives through their career transitions - starting 20 years ago at Boston area's premier executive career coaching firm. Sharon's programs for senior level executives measure real results in real time. She has helped individual clients breakout of jobs for which they were badly suited, improving their work situations and significantly increasing their authority, flexibility and income.  In a large group study, participants in four separate 12-week seminars reported an average 10% improvement in pre/post measurements.  

Sharon helps executives who feel stuck in their current roles to break out in two primary ways: a) STAYING (make things better where they are by improving their performance or political situation, negotiating improvements to their situations, or moving up in the organization to higher positions), or b) LEAVING (moving on to better careers elsewhere; not only to new jobs and work environments that suit them better but also by creating their own companies, where they'll always be sure to have the best possible boss). 

As Consultant to businesses, Sharon contributes her own CEO and entrepreneurial experiences, plus her invention of systemic processes for lasting change: 

Inventor:  Sharon created The Balancing Act methodology, which aligns leaders' efforts to optimize results. TBA has diverse roots: American Pragmatism; Quality improvement (PDCA); a global archetype of well-being (center & 4 directions); Positive Psychology; Systems Thinking; Brain research on human change. 

Author:  Books (SOS: Switch Off Stress, The Balancing Act, Working from Your Core, Knowledge Leadership, Magic at Work); App (SOS: Switch Off Stress); Career and Leadership assessments, reports, guidebooks and programs.

Certifier of CORE Coaches, Consultants: Sharon has certified dozens of executive, career and leadership coaches and business consultants in use of CORE methodologies, programs, and online assessment tools for career transition -- plus applications to leadership, team and organizational development.

As leader of educational initiatives, Sharon translates all her experience with executive and business clients into initiatives for youth. 

Certifier of CORE Teachers: Sharon has trained and certified dozens of K-12 teachers in use of CORE methodologies to improve students' life and work skills.


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Doubled Income....

Thanks to Sharon's strong coaching approach, I not only doubled my income, but  am much happier (and appreciated!) in my new job. She challenged and supported me to raise the bar; then she helped me exceed those new expectations.

- D. Ginnett, STEM Teacher & Science Curriculum Specialist

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