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NEW!!! Switch Off Stress App - the ONE MINUTE stress-buster

Get the FREE version of our SOS: Switch Off Stress app for your smartphone. Click here to learn more &/or claim your free app.  This new app has one-minute techniques for 6 different kinds of stress -- includes written and oral instructions PLUS beautiful original music PLUS a quiz to pinpoint which category of stress-busting techniques will help you the most.   


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Sharon Presenting to FABRBAN in Brazil (English)

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Self-Assessments of Your Strengths & Weaknesses (Career, Stress, Entrepreneur)

Take a short test to discover which one of the six CORE Compass qualities is most strong for you - and which one is most weak - in any of the following categories: Career, Stress, or Entrepreneur ("Starter").  Just choose the quiz you want and get an immediate report 

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