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Worried about your career?  Stuck in a job that doesn't fit or pay well? Just want a change?  If so, YOU'RE IN LUCK!  Click Compass below to see how we can help.

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5. STRUCTURE: Adequate habits and resources for career search.
Obstacles: Insufficient money, resources, time; bad habits sabotage goals.
NEW YOU: Productive, efficient; good time management; well-organized.


Breakout! of being stuck & Level up! to Success

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  • Feel Stuck, anxious, frustrated, bored; lack direction; job is poor fit.
  • Lack Clarity. Don't see better options (or how to get there). 
  • Feel Unmotivated. Change seems too hard; why try?  
  • Are not sure who can help - and feel reluctant to ask for favors.
  • Don't have enough money to meet your needs &/or desires.

You’re not alone! Our CORE Coaches and Consultants have helped 1,000’s of Executives and Executive Career Changers to new levels of professional and personal success by guiding them, step-by-step, to the benefits listed in the Career Compass above.

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1. Core
2. Vision
3. Mission
4. Interactions
5. Structure
6. Synergy

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Made a bold career decision...

During a crossroads in my career,Sharon coached me to overcome obstacles and doubts, and then supported me in making a bold decision that I've never regretted. What's more, Sharon has achieved similar amazing results with patients I've since referred to her.

- T. Moriyama, M.D., Psychiatrist; Instituto Bairral Hospital 

Doubled Income....

Thanks to Sharon's strong coaching approach, I not only doubled my income, but  am much happier (and appreciated!) in my new job. She challenged and supported me to raise the bar; then she helped me exceed those new expectations.

- D. Ginnett, STEM Teacher & Science Curriculum Specialist

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