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Hello Teachers (and Parents)! If you're concerned about youth and want exciting new ways to encourage them to become the best they can possibly be - YOU'RE IN LUCK! Click Compass below to see how we can help.

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1. CORE: Students' Core purpose, gifts, values.
 Overcome: Anxiety, low self-esteem/confidence.
Create: Clarity, calm, intuition, strong direction. 
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We show youth how to:

  • Overcome anxiety, frustration, feeling stuck.
  • Increase clarity and create a new future. 
  • Become motivated to breakthrough obstacles. 
  • Ask for help and form healthy relationships.
  • Form habits to improve health, study, finances.
  • Use native gifts to create a happy life & give back.

Neither you nor your students are alone! CORE Coaches and Consultants have helped 100's of teachers and 1,000’s of students achieve new levels of success by guiding them, step-by-step, to the benefits listed above.


Proven results of CORE programs:

The foundation of CORE Teacher Certification is the CORE Compass Course (see link below), which has proven to be highly effective in improving at-risk students' standardized test scores (MCAS), study & test-taking abilities, self-esteem, school attendance, and classroom behavior. See our proven results including:

  • Increased MCAS English scores (+6% in year 1; +16% in year 2)
  • Improved MCAS Math scores (+5% in year 1; +27% in year 2)
  • Increased school attendance (+11%)
  • Numerous reports from teachers and principals about improvements in:
    • Teacher retention
    • School community/culture
    • Tolerance of diversity
    • Stress reduction
    • Parent feedback about improved behavior.


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CORE Certification for Teachers

   SOS: Switch Off Stress 


Get Immediate Relief:

Let us help you navigate this exciting learning journey to a whole new level of happiness and success.  Explore the Core Start, Core CompassCore Heroes, Switch Off Stress programs for youth, teachers (and parents).

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CLSI is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational services firm that is dedicated to building the next great generation - both nationally and internationally. Help us provide today's teachers and parents with powerful tools to create tomorrow's heroes. Donate today! THANK YOU!! 


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Improved scores, skills, behavior

The Compass Course significantly improved test-scores, classroom behavior, and the practical life/work skills of hundreds of at-risk students with whom we worked.  It also increased the job satisfaction of teachers we trained to teach the Compass program.

- A. Reed-Delaney, M.D., Psychiatrist

A beloved teacher 

Sharon is so warm and welcoming that I have seen people from every walk of life enthusiastically accept and love her. Students treat her like a rock star, teachers like a expert colleague, and parents like a trusted advisor. 

- C. Beira, Founder, Espaço Integral

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Help Youth Succeed in 6 different ways 

1. Core
2. Vision
3. Mission
4. Interactions
5. Structure
6. Synergy