Core Heroes Program


The Core Heroes program can help teachers and students...

...make learning more fun and natural by tapping inner resources of students and showing them new approaches to learning.  The Core Heroes call upon students to become the best they can be, provides new standards for them, and provides another approach to human diversity and different ways of learning.


The Core Heroes are "archetypes" that live inside you:

1. Core Types are “archetypes” (human instincts).
2. You have access to all 10 Core Types described here.
3. Each Type has different gifts, strengths & weaknesses; can be positive or negative.
4. You will have preferences for some types over others; these preferences are not static/can change over time.
5. You can use the Types to improve your learning and also to better understand yourself and others.


Each one of the 10 CORE heroes has different gifts for learning: 

Great news:  The CORE Heroes program helps teachers put students in touch with each aspect of their heroism -- which makes learning much more natural and fun. It also provides students with different learning strategies to learn at different times. 

  1.     Innocent: A fresh perspective; beginner's mind; openness, eagerness to learn something new.

  2.   Orphan: Skepticism; does not take anything on other's say-so; questions authority

  3.    Seeker: Wants to become an expert in topic; willing to go deep, find answers; solitary learner

  4.  Jester: Innovative, creative approach to learning; turns things upside down to see how they work

  5.  Caregiver: Wants to learn things that will help others; excels in working with other students to learn.

  6.  Warrior: Disciplined, steady effort, teamwork; also the competitive part of us that wants to excel, get best grades.

  7.  Magician:  Sees connections others may miss; wants to learn to change things; scientific, pragmatic.

  8.  Ruler:  Wants to excel in the world, achieve top level in field; be seen as the best.

  9.  Lover: Passionate about a topic; really loves it, can't learn enough.

  10.   Sage: Wants wisdom, expertise; mentors/shares with others who know less



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