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The Balancing Act -- SOS: Switch Off Stress -- Working from Your Core

The Balancing Act

 The Balancing Act is the foundational book of the CORE Coaching & Consulting processes. It explains how you can use the Elements of Success & Synergy as a "Compass" to create a better life, work and relationships.  The Balancing Act is available in print and also as an i-book or e-book. To order or learn more, click

SOS: Switch Off Stress

SOS: Switch Off Stress is a practical, immediately usable book that provides 101 Really Fast Ways to stop stress (in 6 seconds to 6 minutes). Switch Off Stress is a great book for our troubled times. It follows the The Balancing Act's powerful "Compass" process to show you exactly what kind of stress is harming you so you can target and remove it ASAP.  Switch Off Stress is used by clients of Core Coaching & Consulting to optimize their progress. it is available in print or as an e-book or ibook. Learn more &/or order here: 

SOS: Switch off Stress (NEW APP!)

The NEW APP - SOS: Switch Off Stress -- is available in both FREE and FULL versions. It offers ONE-MINUTE versions of the Switch Off Stress techniques - wadding vocal instructions and original soothing music to stop stress dead in its tracks.  Learn more &/or order here - with links to both free and full versions (for either IOS or Android smartphone versions) in the Apple Store or on Google Play: 

Working from Your Core

Discover 10 Core (Heroic) Types that are readily available to you for rapid personal and professional development. These Core Types also will allow you to better understand yourself, your colleagues, and your organization.  This approach also helps leaders understand their employees, improve communications and teamwork, and steer their companies past the most likely areas of sabotage. To learn more &/or order, go here. Or, to learn more about Core Type profiles for leaders, teams or organizations, click here.


Knowledge Leadership

According to the Harvard Business School's book review: "In a non-gimmicky way, the authors-specialists in learning organizations and management-serve up the Yogi and Commissar figures once described by Arthur Koestler, the late novelist, philosopher, and political activist. As used here, the Yogi is someone who challenges others to question their assumptions and beliefs in order to forge a new path for learning. Commissar leaders prefer to focus on action and changing the outward behavior of others."  In Knowledge Leadership, Cavaleri and Seivert describe the dawning of a new era in which individuals are "leading" rather than "managing" knowledge. In the past, many knowledge-based initiatives have failed because leaders underestimated the powerful link between knowledge and performance improvement - and also because they mistakenly thought that "information" was the same as knowledge. Cavaleri and Seivert claim that, while information is a necessary precursor to knowledge, it is not sufficient in itself for improving business performance.  To learn more or order, click here.