Business Development Tools

Powerful Business Development Tools:

Start anywhere - Leaders, Teams or whole Organization - to Create Ripple Effects  

You can start anywhere in your system to deliberately create ripple effects - and integrate all efforts for the greatest impact. We provide powerful tools for change: easy-to-understand assessments, plus coaching and seminars for the development of leaders, teams and organizations. The assessments form a foundation for efficient, sustainable change efforts, targeting interventions to where they are most necessary - and measuring success over time.

For Leaders

Core Leadership Program 

Individual Leadership Coaching 

Leadership Balance Preference Scale (identify strengths and weaknesses)

Leadership Balance Profile (Self or 360)

For Teams

Team Balance Profile (strengths/weaknesses for self, others & whole team)

Conflict management & team development

Strategic Planning & implementation

For Organizations

Organizational Balance Profile

Organizational Change process implementation

M&A preparation and/or repair

See Organizational Balance presentation for banking leaders (English).

See presentation (in Portuguese)

For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial Strengths Scale

Individual Entrepreneur (or team) coaching

Strategic planning & implementation for successful launch

The Proactive Entrepreneur workshop (in cooperation with Washington DC Archangels)

The Proactive Entrepreneur Interactive Guidebook (assessment & self-study for entrepreneurs & their teams)