Breakout! Career Coaching Group

Join like-minded professionals for this highly-praised Breakout! Career Program


Results You Can Expect: 

  • Strong new clarity about your direction & specific next steps in career
  • Discover your best gifts & how to use these in your work
  • Envision new work possibilities and test their viability
  • Commit to & focus on most viable options
  • Develop and expand community/support system for now and the future
  • Establish more productive and healthier work habits
  • Use breakout! tools to remove obstacles that have stood in your way
  • Implement a pragmatic, step-by-step strategy for moving forward
  • Create a much healthier, more satisfying, & sustainable balance in life & work
  • Steadily implement your strategy over time
  • Learn how to adjust & make course corrections when needed
  • Master use of a powerful compass & road map in all aspects of life and work

What people have said about this innovative program:  

This career transition program received an overall 9.75 out of 10 satisfaction rating ("How strongly would you recommend") and an overall 9.63 usefulness/sustainability rating ("How likely are you to continue using?") when it was offered at Boston's premier executive career coaching firm, where it was delivered 5 separate times.  Here's what participants said: 

“I would recommend this seminar to virtually anyone. There is no one who walks the earth who would not benefit from learning this material.”

“Thought provoking…very useful for career, life, and work situations.”

“I have spent the first half of my life wasting much valuable time and energy on unimportant activities and thoughts. The second half of my life will be much improved because of the wisdom I have gained through this program.”

“I would recommend this to anyone whose life has been out of balance and/or is in transition.”

“The material has helped me focus on elements of my life that I did not consciously think about.”

“The facilitators created a warm, safe environment for us to learn and upon up in.”

“This seminar is perfect for anyone in a transition point in life.”

“I felt that the class was about me, and that the facilitators believed in the material – and used it themselves.”

Excellent!! Excellent!! I will continue to use the Elements of Success in my work, relationships, and day-to-day activities.”

This course..."presents a wonderful guide for reevaluating your career, interpersonal relationships, and future goals. It helps you work towards the dreams you were meant to live.”

It has been a great personal growth opportunity and also a great experience interacting with the other participants.”

“The forum has given me helpful ‘nuggets’ I can use in my work search. It has taught me more about myself and my habits - good and bad – and how they enhance or sabotage my efforts.”

Specifics of what you'll receive:  

  • Eleven (11) live work sessions over 4 months
    • Nine (9) group sessions by Zoom;
    • Two (2) private coaching sessions - one to onboard; one mid-course
  • Two powerful proprietary assessments to reveal your career strengths and weaknesses
  • Specific targeted coaching to improve areas of career weakness or imbalance
  • Guidebook to work at your own pace -- AND to continue progress post-program
  • Powerful, proven tools to combat stress
  • The SOS: Switch Off Stress app
  • Audio replays of all group and private coaching sessions 
  • Just-in-time coaching - Q&A via emails/texts between sessions
  • Other resources: assessments, instructional audios, videos and materials as indicated by participants' needs 
  • Lifetime access to group's website portal where all resources are available

Meet Your Leader: 

Your leader for this course is Sharon Seivert, designer of the Breakout! Career Course and author of The Balancing Act, upon which this career program is based. Read more here about your Career Group Leader


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Logistics of Program: 

  • Breakout! Career Group starts Monday, October 29.
  • The nine (9) group meetings are one-hour and will be conducted by Zoom
  • Weekly group meetings on Mondays @ 6pm ET
  • The private sessions to onboard (1/2 hr) and private coaching (1 hr) can be by phone, Zoom or in person.
  • All group sessions are one-hour; all will be recorded for audio replays
  • Career Assessments: Career Strengths Scale, Personal Balance Profile
  • Career Guidebook, designed for this program 
  • SOS: Switch Off Stress app
  • Additional resources will include: instructional audios, videos, materials, assessments.
  • Just-in-time coaching - Q&A replies by email or text

Outline of 11 Program Sessions: 

  1. Private on-boarding session to tailor program to your needs
  2. Group: Overview; Introductions; Career Strengths Scale & results report
  3. Set Goals; remove obstacles; Personal Profile & Guidebook; buddy assigned
  4. Core – Clarify career gifts, identity, values; increase intuition & reduce fear
  5. Vision – Generate career options to use your gifts; remove limiting beliefs
  6. Mission – Position/brand yourself (resume, LI, etc.); eliminate procrastination
  7. Interactions – Build positive connections; create healthy relationships
  8. Structure – Build strong daily habits; reduce wasted time & effort
  9. Synergy – Putting it all together – next steps
  10. Ensuring implementation - One month follow-up; solve interim problems
  11. Individual session, at conveniently scheduled time


Experience Pragmatic, Lasting Change!

This career change program is based on the powerful process of The Balancing Act. These logical steps, as reflected in the course outline above and colorful image below, build steadily, one upon another, to ensure that all aspects of your life and career are optimally aligned to create the best possible outcomes. You can think of this process as a road map, a compass pointing you in the right direction - or simply a checklist, with all points to be considered.



The Balancing Act career process produces amazing, lasting results because it combines the following diverse change traditions: Pragmatic philosophy (what works, what does not & why); business improvement (TQM, Action Learning cycles); global archetypal template of well-being, health and balance (Center & 4 directions); science of biology, physics, astronomy (i.e., Autognomics" - how living systems self-reference to learn, adapt & evolve); systems thinking (to optimize/leverage all efforts); positive psychology; and research on what creates successful change (shift from only one-in-nine to 90%+ odds of success).

Fees for Program: $750 paid in full up front (or 3 monthly payments of $290)  

Pay by PayPal, Credit Card, Check, or bank transfer Note: Real value of Career Course is $1275.

  • $375 for assessments, book, app, guidebook & all materials
  • $450 for 9 coaching sessions @ $50 each
  • $450 for 2 private sessions (1.5 hours)

If you have any further questions:

Call or text 617-547-8014 OR email